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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Better Pictures

     Lately, to save time - (always a bad reason!) I've been using my phone to do photos. Either I have a seriously crappy phone or the hand holding it is a seriously crappy photographer. I choose 'B' - but even when I'm not lazy and I use my camera my pictures always seem to come out too dark. I'm sure there is some secret tip that you all know.... SHARE PLEASE!!


  1. The thing that has helped me the most lately with my pictures is getting to know my camera. Take it off the automatic setting, start taking pictures of the same thing over and over. Change a single setting between pictures to see what it does. Read your camera manual, all sorts of useful information in there. But mostly just play around, get a feel for the settings and see what gets you the best results!

  2. Change the SETTINGS!! Terrifying!! ok.... I'll try it. As far as the manual goes - can't find it.


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