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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hoarding Part 1

   Ok, here we go....

I signed up for another one of Lori Anderson's famous 'hops' - I'm a little nervous about this one. It's called the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop. A name like that has pretty serious connotations attached to it. Hoarding?? Ew, I've seen that television show.... I promise there are no dead cats in my bead stash!!
 I try to be organized  about my piles 'o stuff. I have lots of containers and drawer thingys and trays. I like to organize by either type or color.This large black tray is usually the things I'm currently in love with. Stuff comes and goes from here all the time. Right now Tanya McGuire has two whole spaces! Her lamp work is fun and very different - I really need to stop buying and start using it!
These are my bulk lamp works. When I go to a large bead show - like Bead Fest Philly I like to stock up on items that I know I'll have use for all the time. I use these bulk lamps for fillers to keep my pieces from ending up being so expensive that no one can afford them!

 Bead caps, charms, dangles - oooh how I love them! I use these kinds of items in pretty much everything I make so really, it makes perfect sense for me to buy in bulk and have a large variety on hand cause you just never know what direction creativity might take!
These containers are for some (not all!) of the stuff I get from Yvonne Irwin of MyElements. Her stuff is colorful and quirky - you just have to have tons of it! (NO, this is not a disease!!)
Then there are the drawer thingys - I have several of these.... I love them because you can see into them but they keep everything nicely organized - and they stack!!
These are great for the piles I like to sort by color or weird type....nice dontcha think?
 Now... really, can anyone this organized and neat be called a HOARDER!!?? Nay! 

But that's alright - I'm gonna work with it. I've been looking at all my lovely bits and trying to decide what to try to use for this little hop. I decided that it would be fun to do a theme. What I came up with is monochromatic ~ very different for me.
This my usual style:
I love color - I love mixing colors - I love trying out combinations that you might not normally see together. So this hop will be a little stretch for me, which I think should always be the point of these events. I want to learn new things, try new stuff, shake things up and see what falls out!

So - come on back for Part 2 of the Bead Hoarders Hop and see what fell out!!

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