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Monday, August 31, 2015

DIY - Eyeglasses With Class!

Eyeglass chains are one of my favorite things to make, they're such a personal statement of your style. They're also the perfect combination of form and function - who doesn't want to look great while doing something practical? An eyeglass chain keeps your readers or sunglasses close at hand, saves you time you would have wasted looking for them and looks great whether you have them hanging around your neck or perched on your nose!

These chains are also a pretty easy do-it-yourself project.

So, if you're feeling a little crafty - give it a try!

First thing you need to do is think about the colors - maybe you're a cool blue or a spicy orange - whatever it is you'll need to gather a few items to get started:

You'll need an 18" length of chain - I like to use enameled chain because it's comfortable against your neck, really durable, colorfast and it comes in about a zillion colors.

You'll also need the components - an important thing to keep in mind is that you'll need two of each bead or component because you'll want to make each end of the chain symmetrical.

Finally, you'll need lots of jumprings and two rubber ends. I use 18gauge colored copper jumprings because they're sturdy and add a little extra pizzazz! The ends are made by tightly wrapping a set of rubber O rings with wire.

Now to the fun part!

Start by putting together the components. You can use simple wrapped loops on either end of a bead or two, just remember to make two of each component. You can lay them out along a ruler making sure that you have 5" or 6" of components, remembering that your O ring connectors will take up about an inch and also allowing for your jumpring connectors.

Now to assemble your components!

Think about how the piece will look hanging next to your face as well as hanging around your neck. Your components shouldn't be overly large or heavy. The finished piece shouldn't weigh more than two or three ounces. If you have larger pieces, add them first - that way they'll end up closest to the chain and furthest from your face.

What!? Yes, it's just that simple!

Put on your happy face and get out there! There are fun things to see and read!!

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