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Friday, January 13, 2012

Sometimes Plans Are Bad

I try to live an organized, scheduled life. I'm busy - the business, 4 kids (6 if you count the marrieds), the jewelry, home, animals - you know... stuff. I'm not good at staying focused because I have ADH-OOooohSparkly! So I'm easily distracted. Case in point... I stop by Shenandoah Moon on my way home to pick up some new scarves, a five minute stop (really?), and 45 minutes later -
I have these amazing beads (no they aren't scarves) - I rush home thinking what cute earrings I'm going to make with these cool little flower shapes as soon as I make dinner, cycle some laundry, work on my tax records.... the next time I notice the time its midnight.........
No scarves          No dinner          No laundry          No taxes          No earrings

BUT isn't this going to be the coolest bracelet ever??

Sometimes you just have to let life happen at its own pace cause otherwise you  might miss the cool stuff.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The First from Chestnut Ridge

I want every bead from this set to be something special. I started with the cone, added a few tidbits from the workbench and ~ viola! ~ The other components to this piece came from MyElements ( and the hook clasp was made by yours truly. I can't wait to make others using the rest of this set!

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