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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Little Excitement

In the next week or so, check out the new issue of 101 Bracelets Necklaces and Earrings .... it's a great issue that focuses on color. The whole issue is broken into different color categories - really great for a bit of inspiration. Pay attention when you get to the Blues -- one of mine is in there! It's always exciting to see your own work published! There's also a nifty article by Lorelei Eurto on designing everyday jewelry - lots of great ideas, and who doesn't need some great ideas??? Get yourself one and cop a squat in the shade!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Soup Arrives!

Don't you just love to open the mail and find something shiny and sparkly waiting for you? Just makes me squirm with excitement! Shake the box.... not much.... time to rip and shred!!

What a great load of STUFF! How I love orange! Lots of things in here that I've never worked with so I'm thrilled to be trying something new. Already I'm perking along, visualizing different ways to use all of the sparkly elements. Don't touch that dial! We'll be back with further updates on the Bead Soup Project!

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