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Thursday, February 21, 2013

MyElements - My Good Thing!

    There is a lot of bad in the world, turn on the news - if it bleeds, it leads. I think if there were more stories about the people who are doing good things... more people would be encouraged to do good things! So, here's a story about a good thing that happened to me!

    I got home from work today and in the mail was a package from one of my all time favorite people, Yvonne Irwin-Faus of MyElements. I have been ordering supplies from Yvonne forever, if you're not familiar with her follow the link to her Etsy site - its awesome!

    Anyway, I've had a tough year - not whining, just sayin' - and I haven't really felt up to being creative. But lately I'm starting to come around and I had decided if I was ever gonna get myself back to work I should start with something fun and colorful - I signed up for the Bead Soup cause a deadline seemed important and, of course I ordered some stuff from Yvonne.

    What showed up today was just awesome - she sent what I ordered (of course!) but she sent me a big ol' bag of Happy! I was really overwhelmed - I'm still smiling and I'm definitely ready to get back to play! Thanks Yvonne!! I owe you a hug next time I'm close enough to deliver it!
A Mile of Smile!


  1. Nothing like a bag of happy to get the heart smiling.....

  2. Oh wow! ROCK ON! I love big bags of happy! :)



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