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Friday, February 15, 2013

A Pondering....

     Not sure how I feel about everyone using ribbon, fabric, specialty yarns etc... in jewelry pieces. The look is interesting but I can't help wondering how well they hold up during wear. Its definitely not going to last and how the heck do you keep it clean? is it colorfast? What happens when the little bits start to unravel? How comfortable is it to be tickled by little bits of thread, fluff or feathers all day? How about it folks?? Do you or don't you and what are your customers saying about it??
Love the colors!
Yes or No?


  1. I agree with you --I think a necklace with yarn or silk in it looks a bit odd. I wouldn't wear it, so I wouldn't make it. While the colors and textures are pretty, I think it is more like creating a sculpture for display, rather than something to be worn. The one exception may be bracelets, but then I think your other concerns are valid --won't it get dirty?

  2. @Cassi - exactly! One of the things I think about with every piece I make is how sturdy it will be. If I put all that work into a piece and I love it, I want it to LAST!

  3. I've wondered the same thing although I did make some bracelets that I used the Sari silk ribbon on and they are lovely.

    1. Send me pictures! How are they holding up?


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