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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Eyeglass Chains - Add Some Fun!

Like millions of other people I wear glasses. I can see far away, but I'm blind as a bat up close. So, I wear reading glasses. The frustrating part is that I put them down... I forget where I put them or I leave them in the car, at work, at my sisters GAK!! Then I need them, can't find them, buy another pair and the cycle starts all over.

I must have at least a dozen pair of readers.

I looked at eyeglass chains...
Practical, sure -- but U-G-L-Y!

And.... what the heck is this little rubber thingy on the end???


So, I set out to make something that I would actually wear.... something colorful, something whimsical, something FUN!!

The more I made - the more they made me smile..... such fun! Now I always know where my glasses are and this definitely doesn't look like something my great grandmother would have worn! I even figured out a way to make those little rubber ends more fun!! Now I need to do a post on how to make them!

You can see more of these on my Etsy site:

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