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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Little Creativity Change-UP

     Sometimes even though I feel the need to create something.... I sit down at the bench and
 N-O-T-H-I-N-G occurs to me. I don't see a bead, or a color, or a shape or a toggle that starts the bubble of creativeness rising up. Just the gray fluffiness of nothing... *sigh*

     Very frustrating.

     This usually happens to me in the winter. This year has been especially bad - we've had mountains of snow. It seems endless and since I'm one of those people that is driven by color it's hard to get inspired when everything is freaking white.


Time for a change - when this happens to me I head to the fabric store. I love to sew and I love fabric - the patterns, the colors, the textures - so many choices! Even if I didn't sew, I would still go to fabric stores - it's a world of eye candy,  there are color combinations you will have never thought of and so much ....

     Sometimes just the colors are enough, fabric designers must be the most creative people on the planet. 

What a fun job it must be to just sit down and play with color and shapes and textures all day.

 I love the creative freedom of fabric.

I love the way fabric makes me see things differently.

That can be just the little push your creativity needs to go in a new direction.

Crazy FUN!!

Other times I'll see something made by someone else....

.... and that will inspire me to do something completely different - something I haven't tried...

Lately, I've been making these crazy fun tote bags - I love the color combinations, the surprise of different lining fabric, but such a practical item! Who doesn't need a tote bag filled with pockets?

So, as soon as the roads are clear.... Get in your car.....

Inspiration awaits.....

What inspires you?
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