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Monday, January 7, 2013

Using Permalinks

    I recently had an accident that is going to keep me stationary for awhile. I decided to make good use of this time to learn more about the blog biz. I found (and shared) a great tutorial on making badges (mines over there on the right >>>)
    Now I'm learning about Permalinks. Have you ever gone to a blog, found a post you'd like to revisit but when you went back it was gone? Replaced by another posting? Permalinks are the way to prevent your blog posts from getting buried.
    Permalinks usually consist of a string of characters which represent the date and time of posting, and the title of the blog article. If you use Blogger to post you can easily create a permalink before you begin your article by simply selecting the Permalink button in the right hand column, select AUTOMATIC PERMALINK, give your article a title and save it. You'll see the permalink tag appear and "Poof!" you're done!  If you want to customize your links with specific titles or a coding system then select CUSTOM PERMALINK, add your title or code and save.
   Now, when someone is looking for that blog you posted two months ago that they saved - there won't be any frustration, they will simply click and go.

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