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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Create Space

For years I've dreamed of having a big, bright space all to myself. Space that I could use to make stuff. Where I could start a project, and if I didn't finish it, I could leave it set up and come back to it later. Instead, I've worked at the kitchen table, in the laundry room, at the dining room table - having to set up, start, run out of time, pack it all up, store it out of the way - wasting all my 'create time' getting ready or cleaning up!! GAK!

When we bought our new house, I thought that maybe I'd be able to convert some space in my garage. As it turns out, its too hot or too cold or too stuffed with stuff that we're storing for the kids (who no longer live at home!) ~ sigh ~

BING! The light goes on (finally) - we have a H-U-G-E unfinished basement. So, thanks to Angie's List, we found a local handyman who did the electrical and the framing. We hung the drywall, moulding, trim. Lowe's put down some fabulous carpet and viola! (mostly) - I have this awesome space to set up for CREATING!! It's very much a work in progress - my brother, who is a pretty awesome carpenter is making shelves that will hide my hot water tank and the HVAC. I still need lights and tons of other stuff but I'm getting there!!
I love that I have the doors out to the yard. Lots of natural light, and I hope to have a little patio and garden space out there! (future project!)
I love these base cabinets. I get them at Lowe's. So cheap! They make the perfect work station - slap a section of counter top on them - bang! done!
The sewing corner - these cubes are going to do double duty - fabric storage and I'm planning to top them with a large counter piece for cutting.
Now for the fun part! Gathering all the stuff from all the closets and hidey holes all over the house and getting it organized!
A place to bead - probably need some more shelving or cabinets above - but its a good start!
Fabric storage and cutting table - I like that its tall enough to work around standing up without killing my back!
A nice, big table with a drawer for sewing - just have to figure out the ironing board situation.
A sturdy new home for my favorite tool! the Flexshaft and Pepe coiler - awesome power!!
Made this nifty cork board for ideas out of a frame I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $10!

There you have it - the start of something big! Still needs a bit of work, a bit of polish - a few more storage ideas and definitely paint - who could live with all that white???  Anyone who has some awesome storage ideas - feel free to share!!
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