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Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Inspiration

I love the internet! I hate the internet! I sit down to take care of email, post on my facebook, maybe update the blog and before I know it, I've followed the blue words and lost my way!! Sometimes this is a good thing (mostly it just gets me in trouble) - for example a couple days ago I got lost and came across an amazing glass artist ~ Stephanie Sersich. If you aren't familiar with her work take a few minutes to check out her Etsy shop.

I bought her book, which arrived today (thanks Amazon!) and I've been pouring over the designs trying to decide which technique I want to try to learn first.

I've finally picked a project - it looks like the perfect project for using up all those 'homeless' single beads I end up with at the end of a project!... now if I could just figure out where to buy waxed linen thread ~ hmm, guess I'm headed back to the internet...

I'll keep you posted on  my progress... in the meantime, check out this amazing talent!

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