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Friday, June 24, 2011

The importance of organization

Some days no matter how hard I work, there are not enough hours to finish everything. I spent a lot of time stressed out about not getting 'it' all done. But what I've come to realize (with age - wisdom, Grasshopper) is that whether I finish it or not, it will still be there tomorrow. So, my new worry is that I actually will get it all done..... then what will I do??? My thought is that it will just be time to die, so I'm trying to just not get buried under an avalanche of To Do.

Toward that lofty goal - I'm working on being more organized, yes -- that's the key. Organize yourself and you'll be able to stay ahead of, of.... hm, whatever. I've devised several plans for this organization thing -- the first thing is that anything that MUST be done before the end  of the day, gets written on my hand. The rule is that I'm not allowed to shower or go to bed until the hand list is complete. It's working pretty well so far, I've learned that once I start to smell pretty bad and stagger about from exhaustion my kids will pitch in and help with the hand list just to get rid of me. I have good kids, right?

The second part is to organize my work space. A great goal, I'll work more efficiently if I don't have to keep trying to remember where I put stuff. A place for everything and everything in its place... yes, good - well, I think for now I'll just write that on my hand. If you have a fabulously organized workspace, feel free to send me a picture. Inspiration is a good thing.

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