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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Themed Jewelry ~ Do You or Don't You?

This is a question I struggle with - should I make a bunch of skeleton earrings in the hope that I'll be able to sell them before Halloween? Or ~ do I skip it because really, how often is anyone going to wear holiday themed jewelry???

Should I only make jewelry for the really B-I-G holidays?? Are people going to be happier rockin' a really cool Santa necklace? Is Santa more important than the Easter Bunny? or those adorable leprechauns? How does anyone decide?

How about this... maybe I just go with vaguely seasonal jewelry? It's Fall!... wear orange, it's Spring!.... wear pastels, it's Summer!... wear tangerine and citrus, it's Winter!.... ick.....

What's a jewelry maker to do?


  1. I own a pair of Christmas earrings (by Lori Anderson, actually). But really, that's the only holiday themed jewelry I wear. I certainly do see other people wearing holiday-themed pins and earrings, but I would think a person could only own a few of those, since there are only so many days of the year you can wear them --it seems like that limit might make it hard to sell a lot of them.

    Halloween jewelry? That surprised me. That's a one-day holiday! Maybe it's because it's not a holiday I care for much, but I found it interesting how so many people have made Halloween jewelry.

  2. A great point - Christmas you can stretch out for the month of December - most holidays only get one day. Another problem - most holidays already have specific color sets and I don't like rules. I'm thinking I'll have to just stick to what makes me happy and let someone else do the specific holiday stuff!

  3. I do both specific holiday, at least for Halloween and Christmas - and seasonally themed. The Halloween items don't sell nearly as well, so I just pack them away and use them for the next season. The Christmas themed items tend to sell a bit better, especially anything with angels. BUT - I ALWAYS mix in my everyday jewelry with the display, so they have many options.


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