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Friday, June 29, 2012

Bead Soup Teaser

Okay, so I spent all evening looking at my beads trying to decide what to send to my partner, Jessica Dickens. Gak! this is so much harder then I expected! At one point I had made five (no, really) piles. Talk about OCD - lined 'em up by color, size, shape, material. Send a few? Send many? Send big? Send small? Send all organic? Send the wild & crazy colors? Who knows? I start surveying my friends and family... "If you got this in the mail, would you be happy?".... none of them are speaking to me now.

It's ok... I worked it out.... I think.

So here's a fuzzy teaser, cause I don't want any of you to see until Jessica has seen them.... but I will tell you, I love the colors, and the mood ~ enough for now! My next post will be clearer!!

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