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Monday, March 12, 2012

Fun Learning Something New

I've been meaning to put together a post about our day spent with Jean van Brederode at her studio in Pennsylvania. I stumbled across Jean on Facebook (gotta love the internet!) and contacted her about having a class in enameling. In short order I found myself and a few friends standing on Jeans doorstep. We spent three hours getting a course in basic enameling - both kiln and torch methods. It went something like this:
You get a pile of what appears to be metal scraps and the little sanding block... um, ok I'm with you so far.
"Don't worry," says Jean. "Yours will look beautiful too, there's no wrong way to do this!"  um, ok if you say so.
Smash it with a hammer? I'm not allowed to use tools at home, I break things, but if you say so...
Holy Cow!! That's soooo HOT! Hot, daddy - hot! 1500 Degrees!

Like Magic!! Thanks Jean! I had such a fun time!

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